Chris Gordon is the preaching pastor of the Escondido United Reformed Church. He previously pastored the Lynden United Reformed Church from 2004-2012. He attended Westminster Seminary in Escondido, CA where he received his Masters of Divinity. He is currently the host of Abounding Grace Radio, a daily program that airs in the Pacific Northwest, Southern Ca, and the Phoenix area.

Sermons can be heard by Pastor Gordon every week at the Escondido United Reformed Church. Worship Services are at 9:30 Am & 6:00 Pm every Sunday. Visit Escondido URC on the web for direction and more info.

Invite to the Escondido URC: At the Escondido United Reformed Church we are committed to preaching Jesus Christ and his gospel from all of Scripture. Every Lord’s Day we gather as needy sinners to receive the food and drink of eternal life.
We are a church family committed to the advancement of God's Word, as we fellowship toegther in the gospel. We invite you to come and be a part of this church family, sharing with us in the joy of this comfort.
At the Escondido URC, our commitment is to preach and teach the Word of God without compromise, with the goal of making disciples unto the glory of God. As we have received grace, so we desire to minister the exceeding greatness of this power to you.
Pastor Chris Gordon