What The Gay Marriage Movement Should Know About God’s Rainbow

This last Friday is already designated as one of the most historic victories in our nation’s history as a divided Supreme Court on Friday ruled that same-sex couples can now marry nationwide.  This landmark opinion, as it’s being described, now opens the door for all gay and lesbian couples to have legally recognized marriages in all fifty states.  As soon as the announcement was made, gay and lesbian couples swarmed the streets with victory screams and chants. In short order, President Obama unequivocally spoke of the decision as a victory for America.  Within just a few hours, America itself seemed to be enveloped with the symbol of gay pride: the rainbow. 
Within the last twenty four hours, the rainbow has appeared everywhere.  I’ve seen pictures of the White House painted with the colors of a rainbow.  Silicon Valley companies are implementing all sorts of creative ways to use the rainbow as a sign of victory for the decision. Facebook has declared a celebration allowing members to add a rainbow filter to their profile picture to make clear those who support the decision.  Twitter has added a rainbow heart icon with the hash tag: Love wins. From Google to Starbucks to At&T, the rainbow has become the new flag for America, from sea to shining sea, America is now draped with the rainbow.