Called to the Escondido United Reformed Church

Big changes coming for us as I accepted a call today to be the preaching pastor in the Escondido United Reformed Church.  This is probably the most difficult decision I have ever had to make.  My wife and I are leaving behind a wonderful church family in Lynden, but we are also greatly excited to minister to the saints in Escondido.  Please pray for us during this time of transition.  Most of all, pray that the Lord would send a mighty preacher of the gospel to the Lynden URC.  We have had eight amazing years ministering in Lynden.  We love the saints here dearly but couldn't escape the Lord's call to come and preach the gospel in the Escondido URC.  We look forward to ministering to this new church family. 



Many of us are deeply saddened by Jason Stellman's recent denial of Sola Fide and Sola Scriptura and his apparent departure to Rome or Eastern orthodoxy.  I graduated with Jason at WSCAL, and I always appreciated our friendship.  I have lost lots of sleep over his recent departure, and while I'm thankful for his honesty in stating his position forthrightly, I grieve over the confusion he has caused for so many. What troubles me the most in reading through Jason's reasons for his departure is the underlining assumption that he has come to some kind of dead-end that Protestants have never figured out before. Jason writes,
...unless the church’s interpretation of Scripture is divinely protected from error at least under certain conditions, then what we call the “orthodox” understanding of doctrines like the Trinity or the hypostatic union is reduced to mere fallible human opinion. I have searched long and hard, but have found no solution within the Sola Scriptura paradigm to this devastating conclusion. 
I stand a bit aghast at such a statement because it assumes that Protestants have never answered this so-called devasting conclusion.  Jason is asserting that unless "the Church" (assuming the Church of Rome and supposed succession from Peter) is given full power to be protected from error, one can never really be sure his doctrine is true, it's reduced to mere subjective opinion. Said another way,the church must have all supremacy of power and judgment on earth for us to have any kind of certainty of truth from the human opinions of men in their private readings of Scripture.


What to Do About Defection from the Christian Gospel--A Radical Calling for Radical Times

In light of some very disheartening departures from the gospel of free grace that have recently taken place, one from a friend and colleague in Reformed pulpit ministry, I encourage you to listen to a sermon I delivered last night on 2 Timothy 4:1-5 about how to deal with apostasy.

The reading is from our intern James Roosma, and then follows the sermon. Here is the link. http://www.lyndenurc.org/audio/2_Timothy_4_1-5.mp3