MY PREDICTION: I am going to be so bold and make a prediction about what Harold Camping will say in response. Camping Prediction: "My views have not changed, May 21, 2011 began the 153 day period of judgment ending with the rapture on October 21, 2011--the BIBLE guarantees it!"

I am making this prediction before any public response from Camping, note the date and time, it's Sunday May 22--9:00 AM. 


  1. My concern also is that they will claim that "salvation has ended." Camping will look all through the Bible for a way to survive this false prediction by admitting he was wrong about the physical signs such as earthquakes...but will once again "spiritualize" everything...

    It is theological malpractice.

  2. well done sir!

  3. Well Pastor you were right. You predicted a false prophets prediction!

  4. May God help all that are following him to take their eyes off of man and focus on the Lord. The bible clearly says in Acts 1:7-“It is not for you to know the times or dates the Father has set by his own authority."
    I pray for all of them that they will follow the scripture and interpretation of the scripture as the HOLY SPIRIT reveals it to them instead of as Harold Camping reveals it to them.

  5. Third time's a charm, i guess?

  6. Hold on... your prophecies are better than his. Maybe you should have a go at predicting the rapture?

  7. Harold Camping had three choices:

    1. Make himself into a Jonah - "the Lord repented"
    2. Change his story by spiritualizing or recalculating to not be wrong.
    3. Humble himself and repent.

    He has a lot to answer for.

  8. judgement day?... know one knows.... even the angels in heaven.... Sir I'm doubt how did you know?

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