HAROLD CAMPING PREDICTION May 21 2011 Judgment Day Audio

Here is an audio from Abounding Grace Radio to air on KARI 55 May 20, 2011 in the lower BC mainland and Western Washington.

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  1. Hi Pastor Gordon,
    Thank you for protecting God’s flock from wolves who bring grievous errors into the Church. The tragic thing about all of this is that when May 21 comes and nothing happens, Christians will be left picking up the pieces this false prophet leaves behind. Camping makes a mockery out of Christ’s words when Christ said, “No one knows the time or hour, not even the Son of man.” The question that should be on our minds now is how do we help/witness to the followers of Camping? A lot of them will be hurting and bewildered and a few of them will be seeking truth. How can we help the few who were mislead by this man and his false teaching?

  2. It's astounding to see how they just pick and choose verses. Revelation does not even indicate their ideas are correct! Yes, at some point the Earth and Heaven will be thrown into fire during Judgement Day... but I'm given the impression in Revelation 20 that the dead would be judged after 1000 years of peace and Satan is defeated. At that point, a new heaven and new earth are created.

    So my question is, is Revelation in order or out of order? Even if so, Camping and his followers are wrong to assume only one terror occurs. The verses they use in 2 Peter do indicate accuracy with Revelation 20 and 21, but the timing appears to be off.

  3. Saturday Morning, May 21, 2011. I have a long list before me: the laundry, baking, shopping, weeding, etc, etc,


  4. If the Lord wills, tomorrow, May 21, 2011, the doors of the Lynden URC and thousands of other Bible-Believing and Bible-Teaching churches will open their doors for worship.

    You will be warned of the judgment to come without date-setting. You will hear of the mercies of our Holy God in Christ without our merits. You will be encouraged to be a serve our King, living holy lives with a pure heart and without wrong motives.

    All are welcome to join us.

    Isn't it time?

    thank you,

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