Here is a Abounding Grace Radio Address I recently gave critiquing the mega-church movement.

 Click Here: Mega Church Movement


  1. Have you ever read the book "Franchising McChurch"? You might like it. It's by Thomas White and John M Yeats. Its a good book. Got some good points in it.

  2. Thanks, Sasha, will check it out!

  3. Hey Chris!

    This is the first time I have listened to your program and I enjoyed it. I have been reading through Hebrews and it seems to me that Jesus, in His priestly role, is not on your side or the megachurch side. He seems to be in the middle. I have to admit that the thing that frustrates me down here in San Diego is that everyone who is radically saved from a life of debauchery are saved in megachurches, not in Reformed churches. And then eventually these people find their way to a Reformed church to grow deeper in their faith. I have come to the conclusion that different churches and different ministry philosophies will have different strengths and weaknesses. I was wondering if you think it is ok that the megachurches do all of the radical evangelism and conversions to Christ and the Reformed churches do more of the discipleship and growth in Christ?

  4. Hi Brad! Thanks for commenting. I understand, much of what passes for Reformed today looks nothing like the historic Protestant faith. I really wouldn't make the dichotomy you are making here. It is true that people begin somewhere, and they may have enough truth in these churches to be genuinely converted. But the challenge here is the way "salvation" is understood. Is it boiled down to a moment's emotional decision, altar call response, sinner's prayer, etc? These things are quite misleading and often undermine the doctrine of grace and the gospel itself. So the mega churches doing radical evangelism often exemplify a compromised understanding of total depravity, the human will, justication by faith, a proper doctrine of God, etc. I would argue that evangelism is in fact happening when the gospel is faithfully preached, so I would want to place myself under a church that is faithfully honoring that "foolish" means God has chosen as we depend on the Spirit to take the truth dispensed and effectually apply it to the heart. I can't support the notion that God honor other means that compromise the doctrine taught in Scripture about ourselves and his holiness. So the Reformed faith provides a robust understanding of faith and the importance of the instumentality of the Word--why tinker with gilded tin when you can have pure gold?

    Have you heard of Christ united Reformed Church in Santee. Mike Brown is a good friend of mine, and faithful preacher of the gospel. The church is booming! visit www.christurc.org Nice to hear from you, Chris

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