The Best Kind of APPLICATIONAL Preaching

"God's ministers [are taught] a great point of wisdom in heavenly divinity, namely, to apply their doctrine to their audience in such manner, as the circumstances of place, times, or persons do require. Some ministers come to an ignorant and unhumbled people, and teach them the gospel, which never knew the law. Here the fierce coal is used, but the lips are untouched, that is, good doctrine taught, but not well applied--for that the law should first be laid to their consciences.

Others bear all upon the law, when it may be their hearers are people sufficiently cast down, and have more need to be raised up with the sweet comfort of the gospel."

William Perkins, The Workes: Duties & Dignities of the Ministry, Vol. III (John Legatt: London, 1618) 456.

Now that would be some good "applicational" preaching!

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