Edward Leigh on the Mortification of Sin

There are many wonderful things Edward Leigh says in his Body of Divinity about mortification of sin, but this profoundly simple statement is something never to forget:

Meditating on the death of Christ is the purest and most effectual way of mortifying sin, 1 Pet. 4:1.  Look upon Christ's death not only as a pattern of mortification but cause of mortification, John 3:14; Heb. 12:2. 
  1. Look upon sin as the cause of Christ's sufferings, Zech. 12:10; Acts 2:37.
  2. Consider the greatness and dreadfulness of his sufferings, Rom. 8:32.
  3. The fruit of his sufferings, Col. 2:15.
  4. Reason must argue from the end of Christ's sufferings which was mortification as well as comfort and pardon, 1 John 3:6; Ephes. 5:27.

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