URCNA to Deal with FV

From Wes White:

The United Reformed Churches, the Confessional churches who split off from the Christian Reformed Church, has a committee that will report at its July 26-30, 2010 Synod recommending that the Synod condemn the Federal Vision teaching as contrary to the Reformed Confessions. You can read this report here. The United Reformed Church of Nampa, Idaho has published a critical interaction with the report on their web site. This critique has received ringing endorsements from some within the URC. Rev. Doug Barnes, minister of the URC in Hills, MN wrote on the co-urc list:
As we prepare for synod, I believe it is imperative that we prepare carefully, so as to properly evaluate the material before us. This paper was written by one of our ministers and approved by his consistory in an effort to be as faithful as possible in that work of preparation. Having read it, I heartily endorse both the paper and its conclusions. (If anything, had I written it, I doubt I would have been as gentle.)
Members of the URC have also debated this report publicly, and several have defended it, including ex-URC minister and Federal Visionist Pastor John Barach. You can read those comments here.
In light of the importance of this issue, Dr. Mark Beach, professor of practical theology and doctrinal studies at Mid-America Reformed Seminary has prepared a response to Nampa's critical interaction with the report. I think that even those who are not a part of the URC will find his explanations helpful. I will be posting the first part of his critique later this morning.

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