INTERVIEW with Dr. Scott Clark on the State of the Evangelical Church in the Pacific Northwest

Recently, Dr. Scott Clark of Westminster Seminary CA read my blog posts on Going Off-Roading With God and asked to do an interview about my experience attending some of the evangelical mega-churches in the region. So this is part one of the interview on the state of the Evangelical Church in the Pacific Northwest. It's a must listen!


  1. Good interviews - good expose of what the "feel good " church of the modern age is - all about me and what I want rather than serving the King of Kings - the church that needs self affirmation rather that the Savior - the sad thing is that most of these folks will defend their apostasy to the death - the argument regarding the supposed fact that "you cant say anything critical about us because you haven't been there" is so bogus its transparent - its just a form of name calling - if this causes a stir the community it may mean that you have jostled the sleeping hornet nest and the truth is difficult to hear!Praise Jehovah

  2. Listened to it! Good and clearly presented. I'll be recommending this interview.

    What has been (if any) the response to it since it aired?