"Then for our own ministry, here they are taught; first the true manner of teaching, and declaring righteousness; namely this, not to preach the law alone, or the gospel alone, as some unadvisedly do (but both without profit), but both the law and the gospel--the law to breed repentance, the gospel to work faith. But in order, first the law to breed repentance, and then the gospel to work faith and forgiveness but never before."

In the next place, hearers may here learn; first, if their righteousness be thus to be declared as afore, then if they will have it, they must seek it as if may be found; namely, both in the law and in the gospel, and not in the gospel alone; and first in the law, then in the gospel. For he must never look to taste the sweetness of the gospel, which has not first swallowed the bitter pills of the law. If therefore thou would be declared righteous by the gospel, be content first to be pronounced miserable by the law; if thou would be declared righteous in Christ, then be content first to be pronounced sinful and unrighteous in thyself."

William Perkins, The Workes:The Duties and Dignities of the Ministerie Vol. III (John Legatt: London, 1618) 435-6.


  1. Beautiful Godly Perkins - thank you Pastor for bringing us the Law and after we are utterly abased and humbled to the dust we are also provided with the Gospel which lifts us up and makes us whole by the workings of the Spirit through the faithful preaching- "how can they hear without a preacher " - Halleluia

  2. Thanks Mike, what a blessing it is to preach the gospel!