CHRIST-CENTERED CHRISTIANITY Conference--FREE AUDIO Lectures by Dr. W Robert Godfrey

As promised, here are FREE MP3 lectures from our 2009 Pacific Northwest Reformation Conference on Christ-Centered Christianity in an Age of Spiritual Chaos featuring Dr. W Robert Godfrey of Westminster Seminary California.  The conference lectures by Dr. Godfrey are truly worth your time, and they are free!

Right click and then click 'save as' to download to your preferred file.
Christ At the Center of the Church--Dr W Robert Godfrey
Christ At the Center of Worship--Dr. W Robert Godfrey
Christ At the Center of Preaching--Rev. Christopher J Gordon
Christ At the Center of Salvation--Dr. W Robert Godfrey


  1. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for making these available. I'm going to link to them from my website.


  2. Thanks for linking them, Mike. Dr. Godfrey gave wonderful lectures!