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This week I am working through Psalm 3, David's lament psalm over his flight from Jerusalem when Absalom committed treason. As David crossed over the Brook Kidron in flight and despair from his enemies, so this psalm anticipates the Christ who would cross over Kidron toward his enemies. Through the cross-event, Christ would destroy him who had the power of death, releasing his oppressed sheep from such fear and giving them a place in his kingdom under the rod of his rule. What a psalm is psalm 3!

Abounding Grace Daily Broadcasts Sept 7 - 11, 2009
Monday September 7, 2009
Psalm 3 Arise O Lord
Tuesday September 8 2009
Psalm 3 Arise O Lord
Wednesday September 9, 2009
Psalm 3 Arise O Lord
Thursday September 10, 2009
Psalm 3 Arise O Lord
Friday September 11, 2009
Gospel Talk: Pastors W. Bredenhof & C. Gordon Justification

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