Recently, there have been a series of false representations in print charging that those who hold to a "two-kingdom" view end up denying the validity of Christian day-school education. As the ninth commandment forbids all false representation of a neighbor, we should use great caution in listening to or accepting baseless claims that do not properly represent or express the actual teachings of our neighbors--especially when it comes to our Christian brothers. These sorts of agendas do nothing but stir up strife in the body of Christ.

I am thankful that Westminster Seminary has published a series of articles to clarify their position on the importance of training our children in the fear and admonition of the Lord. Hopefully, those who ( in articles, blogs, lists, etc.) have falsely represented Westminster Seminary California will read these articles with profit and seek to better represent their colleagues in the future.

These articles are found in the recent issue of Evangelium A Publication of Westminster Seminary CA. (Volume 7: ISSUE 2, Fall 2009.) Learning to Love God With Our Minds

1. Every Thought Captive by Dr. Dennis Johnson
2. Kingdom and Kingdoms by Dr. W Robert Godfrey
3. A Brief History of Christian Schooling by Dr. R.S. Clark
4. Cultivating Discerning Minds by Dr. David VanDrunen
5. The Good, The True, The Beautiful by Dr. Michael S. Horton
6. The Gift of Christian Education by Dr. Juliius Kim
7. Forming Covenant Children by Naomi Ching, M.A.
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