Perkins on Justification and the ACTIVE Obedience of Christ

That justification stands in two things: first, in the remission of sins by the merit of Christ his death; second, in the imputation of Christ his righteousness, which is another action of God whereby he accounts and esteems that righteousness which is in Christ, as the righteousness of that sinner which believed in him. By Christ his righteousness we are to understand two things: first, his suffering, especially in his death and passion; second, his obedience in fulfilling the law, both which go together for Christ in suffering obeyed, and obeying suffered. And the very shedding of his blood to which our salvation is ascribed, must not only be considered as it is passive, that is, a suffering; but also as it is active, that is, an obedience, in which he showed his exceeding love both to his father and us, and thus fulfilled the law for us. This point if some had well thought on, they would have not placed all justification in remission of sins as they do (Perkins, A Reformed Catholik).

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