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Abounding Grace Daily Broadcasts March 9-13, 2009
Monday March 9, 2009
Romans 16 Savage Wolves
Tuesday March 10, 2009
Romans 16 Savage Wolves
Wednesday March 11, 2009
Romans 16 Savage Wolves
Thursday March 12, 2009
Romans 16 Savage Wolves
Friday March 13, 2009
Pastors Wes Bredenhof & CJ Gordon


  1. "... they overthrow the faith of some." 2 Tim 2:18

    My first thought is what about the Perseverance of the Saints? Then it occurs to me that "if they go out from us, they were not of us." But then, is Paul's exhortation for nothing? Of course not. So what is this faith of some that has been destroyed by the apostasy of others? It cannot be a true and godly faith, can it? If it was a true and godly faith, produced by the regeneration of the soul by the Holy Spirit, then it is a faith that opens the eyes to a grace that is irresistible, which leads to perseverance to the end of this life. And if it is not a true and godly faith, then what is the concern? It is not that those who are not of us are lost, for they were never found. It is not that those who are of us (in the faith) will be lost, for their salvation is secure in Christ. I believe Paul is correct in his exhortation, for Paul was an apostle, but I struggle in understanding this tiny phrase. Is it that the exhortation to "avoid godless chatter" is a means by which those who are in Christ will remain in Christ? and thus, generally speaking, those who abide by Paul's teaching here are simply continuing in their faith? Is Paul essentially saying that if you "avoid godless chatter" you are demonstrating true faith? Can any true believer be lost to the whims and doctrines of "ravenous wolves"? I hope not. And this does not even speak of assurance of one's salvation, which is my greatest spiritual concern of late.

  2. Hi Jeffrey, thanks for the response. These are very good questions. You are absolutely correct that what is overthrown here is not true saving faith. What Paul is addressing is the content of what is believed. For instance, Jude speaks of the reponsibility to contend earnestly for the faith once delivered to the saints. This is that deposit of truth handed down to us in the Scriptures. Here in 2 Tim 2, what is being overthrown is not saving faith, but the faith, namely, the content of the Christian gospel as these people fall prey to false doctrine and heresy. Notice in context that they fell prey to the teaching that the resurrection is already past. Further, we have to connect this to the very next verse. "Nevertheless the solid foundation of God stands, having this seal: the Lord knows those who are his..." There an important distinction is made between those who are only externally joined to the church, and those who are internally by true faith in Christ. The very point is that the later can in no way be lost because the Lord knows those who are genuine and kept by his power (1 Pet. 1). Hope this helps. Chris

  3. Thanks Chris,
    Yes, your comments do help me to know that those whose faith was overthrown were not true believers. So then, the next question is, how can I be certain that I am a true believer? Is certainty (and consequently, lasting peace) even possible? Surely many who claim to have "peace" actually are not even of the faith at all, for many will say, "Lord, Lord, did we not ..."
    At the core, how is one to know that their own heart is not deceiving themselves into trusting in that which is not saving them?