A Good Lord's Day Reminder

"If you desire to hear the word with profit, observe these things: 1) Before you go to the church, humble yourself in prayer to God, that he may prepare your understanding, affection, memory to receive, and that the preacher may speak to your conscience. 2) After, end hearing with some short prayer, apply the several threatenings, promises, and instructions to your own estate. 3) When you come home from hearing, change all that you remember into prayer, and desire God that you may remember it most, when you should practice it, and use it to teach others, and confer of the things remembered." Richard Greenham, Divine Aphorisms.


  1. It is amazing how the very words that so encourage us in our walk with the Lord can be so quickly quickly snatched away within minutes of hearing them. This reminder was wonderful to read first thing this morning and then put into practice right away.

    Another help our family uses to keep the Lord's Day is to listen to the sermon again in the afternoon. I have noticed for the past few weeks that the sermons have not been downloaded until later in the week. Is it possible to go back to them being available on the web site immediately?

    Today one of the children prepared a question sheet for the younger ones - which encourages them to listen even more. Even without the sermon available, we were still able to work on the questions! A great learning time for all.

    It is such a blessing to sit under the means of grace every Sunday. Many in this world do not have this opportunity.

  2. Hi Salt! i will check into this, they are usually up within minutes for download. Thanks for your encouragement and great suggestions.