My Love for the FOLIOS

My hobby is collecting antiquarian Puritan and Reformed theology. It has always been a joy for me to find these gems, read them, sell them, and buy others. Occassionally I stumble on some very rare volumes that are of immense interest to me. I thought I would periodically share with you some of my finds, most of which are out-of-print today. If you are a fellow collector, I would be happy to offer you some of my expertise, limited as it may be, in locating, collecting, buying, and even selling these wonderful volumes. If you are ever in need of something specific, let me know. I come into contact with a lot of sellers who have almost anything I have ever been looking for--though my budget doesn't always allow me to purchase.

For a start, the handsdown best seller of antiquarian Puritan and Reformed theology is Dr. David C. Lachman. I have been buying volumes from David for over four years now. The service is tremendous and the condition of the books is always described in scrupulous detail. You can look over some of his listed volumes here. This is only a small portion of what he actually has. As David says, "Contact the man with the books!"


  1. The Gordian Knot is very cleaver and meaningful - thanks for your love of the antique tomes - thanks for introducing me to the Geneva Bible that was stained with the blood of the martyrs of the reformation - the Bible of many of the Puritans - would that King james had been the Presbyerian that the nonconformists thought he was - Blessing to you

  2. Just received my original Parker Society edition of the 4-volumes of The Works of John Jewel (1845–50) . . . very nice! His Apology of the Church of England is an epic defense of the catholicity of the Reformed Churches.