Christless Christianity Radio Review

This week on Abounding Grace I am interacting with Michael Horton's new book Christless Christianity. I am posting a few MP3 links for you--this Friday is in discussion format with Wes Bredenhof.
Wednesday January 28, 2008
Christless Christianity
Thursday January 29, 2008
Christless Christianity
Friday January 30, 2008
Pastors Wes Bredenhof & CJ Gordon


  1. It looks as if I am the first person to comment! What do I get for that? I am looking forward to hearing your discussion of Christless Christianity and I am going to point Dr. Horton and others in our office to this audio!

  2. Hi Mark, thanks for this. Don't know if I want Horton listening to this, though. But you can tell him I have been offering copies free to callers. Spreading the Word!